Dublin City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Dublin is a charming mix of rich literary tradition, fun and vibrant cultural scene, and a commitment to innovation that shapes its dynamic identity. Dublin’s strategic location combined with its attractive tax incentives makes it a prime hub for multinational technology, finance, and pharmaceutical sectors along with a thriving startup ecosystem. Beyond its historical charm, Dublin’s competitive edge entices businesses, fostering groundbreaking research and attracting top-tier talent.

Let’s explore deeper how Dublin performs in terms of economic performance, city brand strength and reputation, according to leading rankings and indices.

Let’s take a closer look at:

  • Dublin’s economic competitiveness
  • Dublin’s city brand strength and reputation
  • Livability: Dublin’s appeal for digital nomads and locals

Dublin’s economic competitiveness

How attractive is Dublin as a place to work and do business? 

In the Global Financial Centres Index 34, Dublin’s remarkable ascent, jumping 23 positions to the 25th spot globally, reflects its growing financial significance. This positions Dublin as a key player in the Western European financial landscape. Additionally, the city’s FinTech sector, now ranking 53rd, has witnessed a commendable rise of four positions.

Dublin’s innovation prowess is underscored by its climb in 2thinknow’s Innovation Cities Index 2022-2023, securing the 36th position globally, a leap of 56 places, emphasizing its commitment to fostering cutting-edge ideas.

Dublin’s City Brand Strength and Reputation

Which factors hurt and help the brand of Dublin? 

Resonance’s 2024 World’s Best Cities Report places Dublin as the 20th best city globally, underscoring its economic prosperity, cultural vibrancy, and corporate influence.

Kearney’s 2023 Global Cities Report further cements Dublin’s global impact, positioning it 6th in the Global Cities Outlook and 43rd in the Global Cities Index.

Dublin reflects its prowess in the Global Power City Index, where it secured the 28th position. In function-specific rankings, the city ranks 6th in Economy, 34th in R&D, 36th in Cultural Interaction, 29th in Livability, 22nd in Environment, and 27th in Accessibility. From the viewpoint of Corporate Executives, Dublin ranks 6th, acknowledging Dublin’s exceptional work environment.

Brand Finance’s City Index 2023 positions Dublin 35th globally, between Liverpool (34th) and Frankfurt (36th), highlighting its stability and future growth potential, with top rankings in various economic and global significance categories.

Livability: Dublin’s appeal for digital nomads and locals

Which aspects of Dublin’s urban living make it an attractive place to live, work and study?

Dublin’s allure extends beyond business, as reflected in the Mercer Quality of Living City Ranking, placing the city at 42nd globally, tied with Honolulu and between Boston (41st) and Milan (43rd), offering residents a high quality of life.

The Mercer Cost of Living Ranking of Dublin at 51st indicates a balanced cost of living for expatriates.

In the Best Urban Cities for Digital Nomads ranking by Spot a Home, Dublin secures the 25th spot, between Chicago (34th) and Rome (26th), emphasizing its appeal to modern professionals seeking a welcoming environment. Dublin ranks highly in Migrant acceptance, Green Space and Parks, and Quality of Coworking Spaces.

Finally, in 2024, the Times Higher Education ranking placed Trinity College Dublin, 1st in Ireland and 134th internationally.

Last updated in March 2024. More city benchmarking insights, profiles and reports in our City Observatory.

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