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Ireland Country Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Ireland’s economic performance, sustainability, attractiveness for skilled immigrants, brand strength and reputation, according to global rankings & indices.

Stefan Roesch on Films, Destination Marketing and Tourism Opportunities

Stefan Roesch of New Zealand in this interview highlights the connections between films (feature films and TV productions), destination marketing and tourism.

4 Place Branding Examples to Inspire Economic Development Professionals

Economic development is the objective of many place branding initiatives. Here four examples of city branding strategies to inspire economic developers.

How to Measure Return on Investment of Sustainability in Destinations

Irene Lane explains how to measure the return on investment (ROI) and economic value of sustainable tourism, using Ireland as destination example.

City Branding Case Study: How Branding Strategy Helped Improve Downtown Dublin

Case study by Niall Corcoran of Creative Inc on the city branding of Dublin, Ireland. Good example for branding as strategy for inner city development.

How to Develop a City Branding Strategy: Example Cork, Ireland

City branding case study on Cork in Ireland - a step by step example of creating and executing a city brand strategy by the branding expert, Malcolm Allan.
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