Frankfurt, a major financial hub in Germany, is renowned for its impressive skyline, vibrant cultural scene, and strategic importance in the European economy. The city is home to the European Central Bank and numerous international organizations, making it a key player in global finance. Frankfurt’s high quality of life, excellent infrastructure, and dynamic business environment make it an attractive destination for professionals and tourists alike.

But how does Frankfurt perform in terms of sustainability performance, city brand strength, and reputation according to leading rankings and indices?

Let’s explore:

  • Frankfurt’s economic competitiveness and sustainability performance
  • Frankfurt’s city brand strength and attractiveness
  • Livability: Frankfurt’s appeal for talent, digital nomads and locals

Frankfurt’s economic competitiveness

How attractive is Frankfurt as a place to work and do business?

According to the Global Financial Centres Index 35, Frankfurt ranks an impressive 13th overall, improving by one position. Frankfurt’s Fintech rank is 18th, a decrease of 2 positions, indicating slight challenges in the fintech sector.

In 2thinknow’s Innovation Cities Index 2022-2023, Frankfurt ranks 68th, demonstrating a significant improvement with a positive change of 56 positions compared to the previous year.

City brand strength and attractiveness

Which factors help and hurt the brand of Frankfurt?

Resonance‘s 2024 World’s Best Cities Report ranks Frankfurt 49th overall, with specific scores in:

  • Livability: 25th
  • Lovability: 97th
  • Prosperity: 65th

According to the Brand Finance City Index 2023, Frankfurt ranks 36th, indicating strong brand recognition and attractiveness on the global stage.

Sustainability and Livability

Which aspects of Frankfurt make it an attractive place to live, work, and study?

The Mercer Quality of Living City Ranking places Frankfurt 6th, indicating a very high quality of life. The Mercer Cost of Living Ranking ranks Frankfurt 48th, showing an increase of 14 positions, a significant rise in living costs which may put pressure on residents and smaller businesses.

The Arcadis Sustainability City Index 2022 ranks Frankfurt 16th overall, whereas the Global Power City Index 2023 puts it on rank 20 (7th for Livability, 13th for Environment and 2nd for Accessibility).

According to the Spotahome Cities Ranks, Frankfurt ranks 39th overall with high scores in:

  • Migrant Acceptance: 8.23
  • Average Rental Cost for a 1-Bedroom Apartment: 7.71
  • Green Space and Parks: 7.25

Lastly, Frankfurt is home to prestigious educational institutions. According to the Times Higher Education ranking, Goethe University Frankfurt ranks within the 201-250 range. The QS World University Ranking recognizes Goethe University Frankfurt at rank 302.

Last updated June 2024.

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