Italy Country Performance, Nation Brand Image and Reputation

Italy: how does one of the world's most popular tourist destinations perform in global rankings that measure soft power, talent attraction potential and environmental sustainability? How does Italy's political and economic instability affect its ranking in studies that measure economic competitiveness and public diplomacy? Answers in this summary of global reports on Italy's country performance, brand image and reputation.

Let's take a closer look at:

  • Italy's performance in indices of economic competitiveness;
  • Transparency and talent in Italy;
  • Italy's soft power and digital demand;
  • Environmental sustainability and life quality in Italy;
  • Italy's reputation and performance as nation brand.

Doing business in Italy

How does Italy perform in indices that measure economic competitiveness and ease of doing business?

While Italy stands out for its excellent conditions of trading across borders (1st), its overall performance in the 2017 Ease of Doing Business study is rather poor, ranking 46th.  Apart from trading, none of the pillars of Italy’s economy made it into the global top-20. While registering property (23rd) and resolving insolvency (24th) do fairly well, getting credit (108th) and paying taxes (112th) prove to be troublesome procedures of doing business in Italy, according to this study which is conducted by the World Bank.

Italy’s ranking in 2017 was one position lower than the previous year; however, the country’s performance has improved significantly ever since 2013, when it ranked 73rd.

Italy’s ranking in the Global Competitiveness Index is similar: in the 2017-18 report it was positioned 43rd. Here, Italy’s strongest pillar is its market size (12th), followed by business sophistication and health, and primary education (both 25th). Italy’s weakest pillars in this study are the development of its financial market (126th) and the efficiency of its labor market (116th).

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