New Delhi: City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

New Delhi, India’s capital finds itself in a particular position of being home to a strong academic excellence of research institutes, though seems to struggle to grow and retain talent. How attractive is New Delhi really, for high potentials, visitors, investors? How livable and sustainable?

Find answers to those and similar questions in this snapshot of latest rankings and indices with insights into New Delhi’s economic performance, its brand strength and reputation.

Let’s take a closer look at: 

  • New Delhi’s attractiveness as a place to study and work
  • Livability: New Delhi’s appeal for digital nomads and locals
  • Economic performance of New Delhi
  • New Delhi, environmentally sustainable and forward thinking?

With thanks to our friends and knowledge partners Bloom Consulting, 2thinknow and Resonance Consulting for supporting our city profiles by contributing latest research insights and benchmarking data.

New Delhi’s attractiveness as a place to study and work

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index ranks New Delhi 125th overall with sub-factors enable (122nd), attract (41st), grow (105th), retain (155th) and build global knowledge (50th).

New Delhi’s performance in terms of volume of online searches, according to Bloom Consulting‘s D2 Digital City Index, is as follows; 31st overall (Asia 2018) with its dimensions; investment (27th), tourism (31st) and talent (32nd).

The World University Rankings position the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi number four in the country, alongside the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Kharagpur. The New Delhi-based institute also ranks among the top 500 universities worldwide, and 67th in Asia.

In terms of total public expenditure on education, India commits 4.4% of its GDP, according to 2019’s version of the IMD World Talent Ranking, which lands the city the 37th position under the subfactor Investment & Development.

Livability: New Delhi’s appeal for digital nomads and locals

The Mercer Quality of Living report ranks New Delhi 162nd, behind Kolkata (160th) and Skopje (161st).

Resonance Consultancy ranks New Delhi 81st in its World’s Best Cities Report 2020, with sub-factors place (18th), product (43rd), programming (42nd), people (217th), prosperity (199th), and promotion (17th). Resonance considers people to include diversity and educational attainment, claiming that the more diverse a city’s population, the more it produces global ideas.

The EIU Safe Cities Index ranks New Delhi 15th overall, behind Istanbul (13th) and Moscow (14th). Scoring more strongly in Digital Security and Personal Security than Health Security and Infrastructure Security.

New Delhi scores relatively well in the Nomad List. However, it does find itself ranked poorly in areas such as education level, peace, racial tolerance, LGBTQ+ friendly, traffic safety, happiness and female friendly.

Economic performance of New Delhi

New Delhi is ranked amongst The Growers, according to the Saffron City Business Brand Barometer 2019. This means that New Delhi ranks in the global Top 50 in terms of GDP growth. Overall, New Delhi sits just behind Fukuoka and Casablanca respectively, while positioned ahead of Manila and Cairo. Saffron’s report aims to measure which cities around the world have the strongest brands to attract businesses and investors.

New Delhi ranks 69th overall in the Global Financial Centres Index 27th edition, seeing a significant jump of 21 positions since the study’s previous edition.

Kearney’s 2019 Global Cities Report ranks New Delhi 56th overall, behind Mumbai (54th) and Warsaw (55th) while staying ahead of Rio de Janeiro (57th) and Bogotá (58th).

New Delhi: how sustainable, how innovative?

The Innovation Cities Index by 2thinknow ranks New Delhi 127th, defined by indicators which fall under the groupings of Networked Markets, Human Infrastructure and Cultural Assets.

The Sustainable Cities Index 2018 ranks New Delhi 89th overall, referring to it as one of the fast-growing megacities, alongside the likes of Cairo, Mumbai, Shanghai and Beijing.

Last updated in July 2020.

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