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Research Update on Cultural Heritage, Soft Power, and Digital Diplomacy

Summary of latest research on enhancing city brand equity, refining soft power measurement, and employing digital diplomacy effectively.

Global Soft Power Index 2024: Key Trends and What They Mean

Explore the Global Soft Power Index 2024 highlights: key trends, country rankings, and insights on economic influence and nation brands.

Soft Power Spotlight

Soft power explained: including definition and meaning, latest insights, benchmarking and evaluation service.

Global Soft Power Summit 2022 by Brand Finance – Event Invitation

Join leading practitioners and researchers of soft power at Brand Finance's Global Soft Power Summit 2022. A get together to discuss the next iteration of the Global Soft Power Index, and to debate the role of soft power at a time when hard power is looming large.

On New Zealand and Costa Rica – Place Brand Leaders Podcast Ep. 7

New Zealand, Costa Rica and the new book An Insider's Guide to Place Branding are the focus of this seventh episode of the Place Brand Leaders podcast.

Is Soft Power the Answer to Isolationism? Looking Back at the Global Soft Power Summit

David Haigh of Brand Finance Plc shares insights from the 2021 Global Soft Power Summit which took place earlier this year.
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