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Gwen Zuring on Brabant Place Brand Management Strategies

How Brabant in the Netherlands approaches regional branding and place brand management: interview with Gwen Zuring.

Creative Financing for Place Branding Programs: Examples

Examples of how unconventional financing methods have helped support place branding programs, shared by the TPBO panel.

2021 Place Branding Trends and Priorities – Podcast Episode Five

What's in store for place brand managers in 2021? Which challenges will we encounter and which opportunities are out there, waiting to be seized? Find out in this episode of the Place Brand Leaders podcast.

What Is Place Brand Management? Place Brand Leaders Podcast Episode Four

What exactly is place branding - or perhaps better - place brand management all about? We asked Martin Boisen in this fourth episode of the Place Brand Leaders Podcast.

How to Structure a Place Brand Management Organization Across Political Levels and Industry Sectors

Place brand management: how to create a cross-government, cross-sector structure for successful place branding. World's leading specialists share their experience and insights on best practice, advantages and disadvantages of different approaches.

Place Brand Management: How to Initiate Brand Action Planning, How to Control

Place brand management: what to control, and how to initiate place brand action planning? Below the answers of our panel of place branding specialists (in...
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