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Gwen Zuring on Brabant Regional Branding and Place Brand Management Strategies

How Brabant in the Netherlands approaches regional branding and place brand management: interview with Gwen Zuring.

Sean Randolph on Economic Development Challenges and Successes of the Silicon Valley Bay Area

Sean Randolph in this interview highlights the economic development history, challenges and successes of the Silicon Valley Greater Bay Area in California, United States.

Destination Brand Personality: Why It Matters and How to Build It

Destination brand personality - how to build it, how to maintain? Sara Vinyals Mirabent from the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (Spain) shares insights from a recent study, including practical advice for destination brand managers.

How to Promote a Diverse City or Region Without Diluting the Message?

How to promote the place brand of a city or region with a diverse economy without diluting the message? Our virtual panel of place branding experts has answers.

Which Are the Main Challenges Threatening Place Branding Success?

Which challenges do place brand management teams frequently face? Place branding expert panel identifies four issues likely to threaten place brand success.

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