Place Brand Management: How to Initiate Brand Action Planning, How to Control

Place brand management: what to control, and how to initiate place brand action planning?

Below the answers of our panel of place branding specialists (in alphabetical order –  highlighted respondents are available for consulting, research or as speakers).

A few key takeaways:

  • Brand management is not controlled by a single entity but by a group of stakeholders.
  • It is essential to set a standard style and tone of communication in brand messaging when ideas or suggestions pour in from different entities.
  • Communicate the rhythm/pulse of the place in its truest sense with a holistic approach utilizing city infrastructure, influencers. Engage with nonprofits like chambers of commerce, universities, etc, and players from the private sector.
  • One central team should act as the focal point to keep a tab on the process of brand management, disperse information, monitor success rate, and provide the necessary training and tools for a successful brand campaign.
  • Brand managers should not just rely on advertising, public relations, sales, and online marketing but seek other channels to creatively communicate the idea of a place.
  • After a successful plan is in place, the next crucial step is the implementation. Prioritizing brand objectives, raising funds, and keeping track of the progress is the next challenge.
  • Brand managers should focus on the natural strengths of the place and its human resources instead of trying to include every element of the place.

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The Editorial Team

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