Destination Brand Personality: Why It Matters and How to Build It

Developing a destination branding strategy is difficult, but implementing it is even harder, especially building and nurturing a destination's brand personality. To help destination brand managers and marketers with this difficult task, Sara Vinyals Mirabent together with Mihalis Kavaratzis and José Fernández Cavia, took a closer look.

We caught up with Sara to learn about the key findings of research which were recently published in the academic journal Tourism Management.

Sara, you recently published an article on the role of functional associations in building place brand personality. What brought you to investigating this topic?

We started working on this topic as a response to the struggles of destination brand managers to implement their brand strategy in their communication practices, and to manage such an abstract concept that is brand personality. Brand personality is a key component for the success of all branding strategies, and consequently, precise knowledge about this construct must be at the core of the scientific and practitioners’ interests.

So, one year ago, we started to study the official website communication of the 12 most visited cities in Europe, to identify the presence of traits of destination brand personality in their content.

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The Editorial Team

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