Why Successful Placemaking Needs A Meaningful Brand, Not A Mere Logo

Placemaking specialist Andrew Hoyne on why successful place development needs a meaningful brand and not a mere logo, with case studies from Australia.

On the Branding and Reputation of Islands

Guest author Godfrey Baldacchino offers an appeal to consider adding islands to a privileged focus of place branding. After all, cities, regions, destinations and nations...

Ethics And Why We Need To Rebrand Branding

Josh Jost ethics and identity consultant in London, reflects on ethics and why we need to rebrand branding, or at least think twice about how we approach brands and branding.

Place Branders, Don’t Mess With The People’s Brand!

What does place branding look like from a designer's perspective? David F Coates makes a compelling case for civic engagement in branding.

Green Brands and Sustainability Branding: Definition, Concepts, Theory

Review of academic literature on green brands and sustainability branding in a place context. Learn about definitions, concepts, theories.

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