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Building Brands: What Really Matters

It's good to see more and more books dedicated to the art of building and maintaining strong place brands. Some are academic, others brutally...

Edwin Schmidheiny on International Branding

Edwin Schmidheiny of Accent Brand Consultants in Switzerland, on the meaning and purpose of brands and the differences and similarities between place branding and commercial branding.

Bruno Marti on How to Brand a Hotel: Example 25hours

How to brand a hotel? How to use smart design and create unique experiences for that special identity and brand which conscious guests can identify with? Bruno Marti tells us how 25hours Hotels do it.

Guido van Garderen on the Grand Challenges of Branding and the Ultimate Course on Brand Strategy

Interview with Guido van Garderen, former Strategy Director at Interbrand, on the ‘grand challenges’ of branding, the ultimate course on brand strategy and his thoughts on nation branding in Africa.

Public Vs. Private Sector Branding Explained: Similarities and Differences

Which are the differences and similarities between public and private sector branding? Our international panel of place branding specialists has answers.

What Is A Brand – And What It Is Not: Branding Explained

What is a brand? Our panel of place brand specialists concurs that brands are much more than logos, design styles or taglines (all of which are becoming less important now). A must read for anyone involved with branding.
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