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Mara Seminario on Country Branding, Destination Marketing and Brand Peru

Mara Seminario, "the mother of Brand Peru", on Peru's approach to country branding and destination marketing, and how Lima become a tourism success.

José Pablo Arango Calle on Country Branding and the Reputation of Colombia

Learn about Colombia's image, reputation and country branding initiatives in this interview with José Pablo Arango Calle of ProColombia.

Oliver Zöllner of Stuttgart Media University on Place Branding in Germany

Oliver Zöllner, Professor at Stuttgart Media University in southwest Germany, offers a down-to-earth, slightly critical view on place branding.

Buck Song Koh on Nation Branding and Brand Singapore

In this interview with Buck Song Koh, learn about Brand Singapore, its country reputation, the role of placemaking, and nation branding practices in Asia.

Conrad Bird on the GREAT Britain Country Branding Campaign

Conrad Bird, the Director of the GREAT Britain country branding campaign, discusses the initiative's ambitions to generate jobs, growth in tourism, trade, and education, and how the Brexit vote has impacted the campaign.

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