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Great Britain

John Pearce on Provenance Marketing and How the Made in Britain Campaign Supports British Manufacturers Abroad

John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain (MiB), in this interview illustrates how the non-profit organization is supporting British manufacturers abroad, how it is funded and the challenges Great Britain faces at the moment.

Event Highlights: London Nation Brands Forum 2016 by Brand Finance

Samantha North shares key insights from Nation Brands Forum 2016 in London, hosted by Brand Finance.

Conrad Bird on the GREAT Britain Country Branding Campaign

Conrad Bird, the Director of the GREAT Britain country branding campaign, discusses the initiative's ambitions to generate jobs, growth in tourism, trade, and education, and how the Brexit vote has impacted the campaign.

Cecilia Pasquinelli on Urban Competitiveness and Culture

Cecilia Pasquinelli, Postdoctoral Researcher at Gran Sasso Science Institute in Italy, in this interview talks about place branding, geographical associations of brands, urban competitiveness and cultural economy.

Brexit And Its Implications: View From India

Implications of Brexit on India and its relations with the UK is the focus of this article by nation brand and country-of-origin expert Aparna Sharma.

BREXIT: Consequences for UK Country Image, Nation Brand and Europe

Brexit and its consequences: World's leading experts in country image and nation brands on what Brexit means for the United Kingdom and Europe.
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