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Thorsten Kausch on Hamburg, MICE and the Future of City Marketing

Thorsten Kausch, Hamburg, discusses the changing role of city marketing, how urban sustainability imapcts the attractiveness of cities as MICE destinations.

Peter Pirck on City Branding Practices and Trends in Germany

Peter Pirck of German consultancy Brandmeyer Markenberatung reflects on city branding trends in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and discusses ways to measure the economic impact and success of place branding initiatives.

How Hamburg Moved from Traditional Destination Marketing to Strategic City Branding

How Hamburg moved from traditional destination marketing to strategic city branding. Thorsten Kausch reflects on the challenges and lessons learned.

City Branding Challenges: 4 Lessons from Hamburg, Germany

Sebastian Zenker discusses four city branding challenges and the lessons learned during his work with the city of Hamburg in northern Germany, Europe.
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