2thinknow Data Innovation Agency

2thinknow Innovation Agency, established in Melbourne, Australia, in 2006, uses its networked services model to create innovation teams. More about the company and its services here.


Hoyne: experts in corporate/retail branding - and Australia’s leading property marketing agency. Specialized in brand and marketing strategy, naming and brand identity, property branding and marketing.

Melbourne City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Melbourne city performance, brand image and reputation, according to international studies and rankings measuring livability, economic development, sustainability, talent attraction and brand performance.

4 Things Australia Can Teach Asia in City Branding – And Vice Versa

Christopher Hire on city branding and urban development in Australia and Asia, and what Australian and Asian cities can learn from each other.

How to Develop an Innovation Placemaking Strategy in Five Simple Steps

Christopher Hire of 2thinknow consultancy has five tips for developing an Innovation Placemaking Strategy, offering Melbourne, Dubai and Singapore as examples.

Book Review: The Place Economy – Placemaking by Andrew Hoyne

Read our review of The Place Economy, 2016 book by Australian Andrew Hoyne on effective, sustainable placemaking. Essential reading for place branding pros.
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