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Fabiana Mariutti on Brazil’s Place Brand Identity and Country Image

Fabiana Mariutti in this interview explores the multifaceted aspects of Brazil's complex place brand identity, image and country reputation.

How Economic Development Programs Can Change Perceptions of Places

How can economic development programs change perceptions of place? We asked our panel of place brand experts, who in this post share some innovative examples from around the world.

How Narrative and Storytelling Impact the Economic Development of Places

How narrative and storytelling impact the social and economic development of places: expert views

How Covid-19 Will Change Place Branding Priorities for Cities and Countries

How the branding of cities and countries after Covid-19 will differ from before the pandemic: expert panel outlines new place branding priorities and strategies.

Countries Leading in Environmental Performance: EPI 2020 Insights and Highlights

Environmental Performance Index, EPI 2020: Zach Wendling of Yale University's Center for Environmental Law & Policy shares key insights on countries leading and lagging in environmental performance.

Simon Anholt on Competitive Identity and the Good Country

Simon Anholt is widely known in the place branding and public diplomacy community for his work on the competitive identity of places and -...
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