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place brand perception

Place Rankings and Perception Surveys: How Credible, How Useful?

How to make sense of global place rankings and perception surveys: panel of place brand specialists explains.

Bridging Perception Gaps: How to Overcome Place Image Challenges

How to bridge perception gaps, how can neighborhoods, cities, regions and countries overcome image challenges? Our panel of place branding specialists has answers.

Rodney Payne on Tourism Sentiment Index by Destination Think

The Tourism Sentiment Index explained - Rodney Payne, CEO of Destination Think! marketing consultancy, tells us how the index works and which have been the key findings in the first, 2019 edition.

Country Brand Report Latin America: 2017 Reputation Winners, Losers and Trends

Gustavo Konisczcer of FutureBrand LATAM presents the highlights of the Country Brand Report Latin America 2017: reputation winners, losers and trends.

Eli Avraham on Place Image and Media Coverage of Cities and Countries

Eli Avraham of Haifa University in Israel shares his views on media coverage of cities and countries, and how place branding can help overcome a negative image.

Hume Johnson on Brand Jamaica and Nation Branding in the Americas

Hume Johnson in this interview discusses Brand Jamaica, nation branding challenges and destination branding in the Americas.
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