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Hume Johnson on Brand Jamaica and Nation Branding in the Americas

Hume Johnson in this interview discusses Brand Jamaica, nation branding challenges and destination branding in the Americas.

Fred Dixon on New York City Branding and Reputation Management

Fred Dixon in this interview shares his thoughts on city branding, place identity and reputation management of New York City.

Thebe Ikalafeng on the Branding and Reputation of Africa

Intriguing interview with Brand Africa 'guru' Thebe Ikalafeng who shares his thoughts on the branding and reputation of the African continent.

City Branding and Media Portrayal of Chinese Mega-Cities

Research insights by Emma Björner and Efe Sevin on city branding and media portrayal of mega-cities in China.

Media Representations of Places: Definition, Concepts, Theory

Summary of academic literature on media representations of places: how the media influences our perceptions and image of places, and the consequences.

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