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How Antioch in Northern California Became the City of Opportunity | A Rebranding Story

Why and how the Northern Californian city of Antioch went through a rebranding process: a city branding case study told be David Kippen, co-founder and director of Evviva Brands.

How the German City of Bielefeld Used Participatory City Branding Strategies for its Rebranding

Learn how the German city of Bielefeld used participatory city branding strategies for its rebranding and for building a strong city brand which allows it to connect residents with businesses and visitors.

How Israel Used Micro-Marketing to Improve Country Brand Perceptions

Amir Grinstein, Associate Professor of Marketing at Northeastern University (USA) and VU Amsterdam (the Netherlands), shares his research findings on how Israel used micro-marketing as attempt to (re)position the country and improve its image abroad.

Why Successful Placemaking Needs A Meaningful Brand, Not A Mere Logo

Placemaking specialist Andrew Hoyne on why successful place development needs a meaningful brand and not a mere logo, with case studies from Australia.

Reflections on the International Branding Strategy of the Nordic Region

Research summary and region branding case study by Johannes Magnus on the international brand positioning strategy of the Nordic region in Europe.

Origins and Success of 100% Pure New Zealand Destination Brand

'100% Pure New Zealand' is widely regarded one of the most successful destination branding campaigns. But how did it all start? Find out in this summary of literature on the origins and success of the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign.
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