How Sustainable Urbanisation and Place Branding Shape Cities in Southeast Asia

Sustainable urban development and place branding are on the rise in major cities across Southeast Asia, reports Dominic Mason from Singapore.

Brand Singapore: Nation Branding After Lee Kuan Yew, In A Divisive World – Book Review

Review of Brand Singapore: Nation Branding after Lee Kuan Yew, in a Divisive World by Buck Song Koh. Essential reading for place branding professionals.

Current State of Place Branding Practice in Asia

Learn about the current state of place branding in Asia in the eyes of leading place brand developers, managers, researchers and place branding advisors.

Anupam Yog on the Branding of Nations and Destinations in Asia

Anupam Yog in this interview offers a very detailed account of place brand initiatives in Asia, especially Singapore, and discusses the challenges, tendencies and opportunities.

Buck Song Koh on Nation Branding and Brand Singapore

In this interview with Buck Song Koh, learn about Brand Singapore, its country reputation, the role of placemaking, and nation branding practices in Asia.

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