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Natasha Grand Norman: Place Identity Specialist

Explore Natasha Grand Norman's impact on place branding, regions and identity - as a speaker and through INSTID, the Institute for Identity.

Simon Anholt: Independent Policy Advisor, Author, Speaker

Meet Simon Anholt, the founder of Anholt & Co and a leading researcher, advisor and speaker on nation brands, national image and the "good country equation".

Chris Wade on Sustainable Urban Development and the Intersection of Placemaking and Place Branding

Interview with Chris Wade on placemaking and place branding, with a focus on cities and sustainable urban development in the UK and beyond.

London City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

London's performance in international indices and studies measuring livability, city brand strength, economic competitiveness, sustainability and innovation.

United Kingdom Country Performance, Nation Brand Image and Reputation

United Kingdom country performance, economic competitiveness, soft power, nation brand image and reputation, according to international indices and studies on topics such as livability, sustainability, nation brand value, economic development, talent attraction and tourism.
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