Christopher Browning on Humour, Nation Branding and the Politics of Identity

The role of humour in nation branding and public diplomacy, and the politics of identity are two of the topics addressed in this interview by Christopher Browning of the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom.

City Nation Place UK Inaugural Conference May 2019: Reflections

City Nation Place forum UK 2019: Aleks Vladimirov shares his reflections, urging place brand managers to show more courage in embracing the realities of their place, and abstaining from marketing language in their promotion of place.

Institute for Identity (INSTID)

Company profile of INSTID, the Institute for Identity. Specialists in place identity, iconic graphic design, social anthropology, place personality, creating a tradition.

Natasha Grand Speaker Profile

Dr Natasha Grand, INSTID: speaker on place identity, archetypal nature of places, emotions and practical insights into the place branding process.

London City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

London's performance in international indices and studies measuring livability, city brand strength, economic competitiveness, sustainability and innovation.

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