Tokyo City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

Tokyo, together with the Greater Tokyo Area, is the most populous metropolitan area in the world with 39 million residents. A capital city since 1869, Tokyo has extensive economic, political and social power in the Asian region. But how is the Japanese metropolis performing in global rankings that measure the competitiveness of cities in terms of reputation and influence, business attractiveness and sustainability?

Let's take a closer look at:

  • Tokyo’s reputation and performance as city brand;
  • The global power of Tokyo;
  • Tokyo’s position in indices of environmental sustainability;
  • Tokyo as a hub for creativity and innovation.

Tokyo city brand performance and reputation

Positioned 3rd in the 2017 Global Power City Index, Tokyo is the highest-ranking Asian city, ahead of Singapore (5th) and Seoul (6th). This is Tokyo’s best ranking so far in this study on the global power of cities. The city performs especially well in research and development (3rd), economy and cultural interaction (4th) and accessibility (6th), while environment (12th) and livability (14th) rank somewhat lower.

Tokyo is most appreciated by researchers, who consider it 3rd in their list of preferences. But it is also highly evaluated by visitors (4th), managers (5th), artists and residents (both 6th).

Positioned 12th in the City RepTrak (2017) study, Tokyo is also the highest-ranking Asian city in terms of reputation. It scores especially well for the reputation of its economy, where it ranks 2nd - only after New York.

Tokyo is also the regional leader in Anholt-GfK’s City Brands Index (2017), where it drew a tie for 11th position with Vancouver.

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