Amsterdam City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, has a long history of commerce and entrepreneurship. It has also long been a favorite among visitors of all ages. So much so that from 2018 on, inner-city hotels will have to charge an additional tourist tax which will be invested in improving the city’s facilities and quality of life for residents.

Apart from being one of Europe’s most popular city destinations, how is Amsterdam doing according to international rankings that measure sustainability, innovation, global influence and other aspects linked to its reputation?

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Amsterdam and sustainability

How well is Amsterdam doing according to sustainability rankings?

Amsterdam ranks 11th in the 2016 Sustainable Cities Index 2016. This ranking is based on three pillars: people, planet and profit. Amsterdam does best in the people sub-index, where it ranks 7th. Profitability (16th) and contribution to the planet’s well-being (19th) are evaluated lower. The Sustainable Cities Index praises Amsterdam’s innovative ecosystem, which creates synergies between inhabitants, public organizations, schools and businesses.

Amsterdam takes the fifth position in the overall ranking of the Green Cities Index. Its best score is in waste and land use and water quality and consumption, where it leads the ranking which includes 30 cities. Its poorest ranking is 12th in the dimension of CO2 emissions, and 11th for air quality.

How attractive for digital nomads?

Both the Digital Nomad Index and the Nomad List stress the fact that Amsterdam is an expensive city to live in. This is arguably a substantial factor upon deciding whether or not to live as a digital nomad in Amsterdam. The index ranks the city only 47th (out of 56 cities) concerning the affordability of having a one-bedroom apartment.

Besides the costs, the city’s cafés often offer free WiFi (2nd best worldwide, according to the index) and when living in Amsterdam most administrative/government services can be done online. The Netherlands in general are ranked 10th for such services (Digital Life Abroad).

Innovation and Amsterdam

Is Amsterdam investing in its innovation infrastructure?

In 2016, Amsterdam was given the European Innovation Capital award in recognition of its approach to innovation related to four basic areas of urban life: governance, economics, social inclusion, and quality of life.

Amsterdam’s performance as an innovation hub has deteriorated importantly according to the 2018 Innovation Cities index where it ranks 18th. This is six positions lower than last year and makes it the fourth best-ranking European city in terms of innovation.

Global influence of Amsterdam

How influential is Amsterdam in the global scenario?

Amsterdam ranked 22nd in ATKearney’s 2017 Global Cities index and 5th in the Eurasian region. This study considers Amsterdam a leader in freedom of expression.

The Global Power Cities index gives Amsterdam a much more favorable position, ranking it 7th among the 44 cities that were part of the study. Throughout 10 years, Amsterdam’s performance has been very stable, and its ranking has never fallen below 9th position (in 2011 and 2015).

Currently, Amsterdam’s strongest pillar is livability (2nd), and the weakest dimension is economy (19th), where aspects such as market size, human capital and business environment are evaluated.

Amsterdam a dynamic city?

How dynamic and inspirational is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam ranked in fourth place in the Dynamic Cities 2016 index, which evaluates 40 of the most dynamic cities in Europe. The ranking is based on six categories: investment, innovation, inspiration, interconnection and infrastructure. Amsterdam scored especially high in the dimension of inspiration, where aspects such as the arts sector strengths and parks and cafes were evaluated.

Amsterdam’s ranking in the 2018 World’s Best Cities is 14th. Scoring 4 among European cities, Amsterdam’s strongest aspects are product (16th) and people (17th), while prosperity positions the Dutch capital 50th in the world.

Culture and creativity in Amsterdam

How outstanding is Amsterdam for its cultural opportunities?

Amsterdam holds a high 2nd position in the 2017 Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor, according to which its creative economy and cultural vibrancy are especially strong.

Amsterdam also gets high scores for governance and regulations, as well as number of concerts and shows offered to its citizens.

Amsterdam’s weakest point are openness, tolerance and trust, which is partly due to the low number of foreign graduates and low integration of foreigners.

Amsterdam city brand strength and reputation

What is the current performance of the city brand Amsterdam?

The 2016 Anholt-Gfk City Brands index gave Amsterdam a strong 8th position in its ranking, which is three positions up compared to the 2013 index, and nine positions better than in the 2011 ranking. Amsterdam performs especially well (3rd) for its people (friendliness, cultural diversity, safety) and for affordable accommodation and high standard of public amenities.

In the City RepTrak 2017 Most Reputable Cities index, Amsterdam ranked 11th. Its highest position (5th) was given for aspects that have to do with visiting the city. Other dimensions that scored well are investment (6th) and livability (7th).

Ipsos Top Cities ranked Amsterdam 8th in its 2017 EU countries index. The survey polled the opinions of people across 26 countries who weighed in on their favourite cities to visit, live and do business in. Globally, Amsterdam ranked 10th among the 60 cities that were evaluated in the study. This result is four positions higher than in the 2013 study.

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