Auckland City Branding Success Story – Place Brand Leaders Podcast Episode Six

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Welcome to a brand new episode of the Place Brand Leaders Podcast . This time I take you to the vibrant city of Auckland in New Zealand. Brand Auckland recently made headlines for its city branding strategy, truly exemplary and – as I find – very well executed.

In this episode, Shelley Watson and Clare Barker of Auckland Unlimited share how they approach city branding and how they involve the city’s stakeholders. They also reflect on how it felt to receive the City Nation Place award for Place Brand of the Year and share their thoughts on place branding challenges and hot topics, such as the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and sustainability.

Find out which cities, regions and countries have inspired the Brand Auckland team and what makes the “city of sails” unique.

To listen to the episode, use the embedded player below or go to Anchor, Apple, Spotify.

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