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New Zealand

New Zealand Country Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

New Zealand's country performance, competitiveness, nation brand image and reputation, according to international indices and studies on topics such as livability, sustainability, nation brand value, economic development, talent attraction and tourism.

Auckland City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Auckland city brand strength and urban performance, according to studies measuring livability, economic competitiveness, creativity and sustainability.

David Downs on the Next Chapter of the New Zealand Story

David Downs of New Zealand Story about the country's future plans, and how they aim to be at the forefront of sustainability, innovation and tourism.

New Zealand Showcase

Explore New Zealand's country branding success. Learn how its strategy boosts global reputation and impact, emphasizing sustainability.

How Sustainability Impacts Country Brands and Soft Power – Podcast Ep. 13

Podcast episode on how sustainability impacts country brands and soft power - based on an expert panel discussion, featuring New Zealand.

How Sustainability Impacts Soft Power and Nation Brands – Presentation

Panel presentation on how sustainability impacts soft power and nation brands - Brand Finance GLobal Soft Power Summit 2022, London, UK.
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