Beijing City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Beijing, sometimes also referred to as Peking, is the political, cultural and educational center of China. It is also one of the biggest cities in the world and will be hosting the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in 2022. But how does Beijing do in terms of city performance, brand strength and reputation?

Let's take a closer look at:

  • Beijing’s economic and financial strength
  • Its urban health and environmental sustainability
  • Beijing's reputation

Beijing’s economic and financial performance

According to the Ipsos Top Cities 2017 list, Beijing is the 6th best city to do business in. There are a lot of state-owned and foreign companies based in Beijing. By 2015, Beijing was home to the headquarters of 52 companies of the Global Fortuna 500 list. This is the largest number in the world. Nonetheless, the city is still ranked only 119th (out of 231 global cities) in terms of mobility exchange (Mercer Quality of Living).

It is in the field of banking, Beijing performs best in. According to the Global Financial Centres Index, Beijing ranks 7th in the field of banking. The top 4 of the biggest banks in the world are located in Beijing. Other financial areas which the city performs well in, include insurance (14th) and investment management (9th). Overall, the city finds itself in the 8th position. This is a leap of 3 spots ahead.

Beijing: a livable city?

The Sub-National Human Development Index ranks cities along three dimensions: education, health and standard of living. Beijing does not just rank highly within China, it also ranks highly globally.

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