Bridging the Language Barrier: A Chinese Place Branding Literature Review from 1996 to 2018

How has place branding in China developed over the years? What can the rest of the world learn from China? Find out from Bowen Zhang in this research insight.

Emma Björner on the Importance of Stakeholder Inclusion for Sustainable Tourism and Place Branding

Emma Björner shares her insights on city branding practices in China and how to involve relevant stakeholders meaningfully into place branding and sustainable tourism initiatives.

Hong Fan on City Branding in China, Image Research and Public Diplomacy

Hong Fan, professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing and Director of the National Image Research Center, in this interviews shares her research insights into city branding in China and her observations on what works and what doesn’t in place branding, in the Chinese context.

Shanghai City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Shanghai: how attractive is China's largest city for investors, talent, businesses and visitors? Here an overview of latest rankings and studies on Shanghai's economic performance, brand strength and reputation.

Beijing City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Beijing's economic performance, brand strength and reputation, according to international rankings and studies measuring livability, urban health and sustainability, financial strength and city image.

Hong Kong City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Hong Kong's city brand strength and urban performance, according to studies measuring livability, economic competitiveness, innovation and sustainability.
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