Destination Sustainability: What DMOs Can Do to Make Their City or Region More Sustainable

Which actions can Destination Marketing & Management Organizations (DMOs) initiate right away to support the sustainable development and – management of their city or region?

This was our question to the destination sustainability panel which TPBO convenes together with the Sustainability Leaders Project.

Sustainability is such an important topic now in destination marketing and -management. We are fortunate and thrilled to be able to share with you the recommendations of some of world’s leading sustainable tourism thinkers and doers. All answers in full length are available here.

A few key takeaways:

  • First, consult with stakeholders to inform and sensitize them.
  • Use existing tools, such as the GSTC criteria for destinations, to find out where you stand and to guide your envisioning and planning.
  • Monitor implementation of your sustainable destination strategy and equip it with sufficient funds to be fruitful. Share results and success stories with your stakeholders and with travellers.
  • Don’t oversell. Consider destination sustainability to be a quality management exercise, rather than a marketing asset.

But those are just a few of the many recommendations offered by the panel, which I invite you to explore.

What do you do at your destination to make it more sustainable or to address sustainability issues, such as overcrowding (overtourism)? Do you have additional advice for DMOs?

Florian Kaefer
Florian Kaefer
Dr. Florian Kaefer is a strategic place branding and sustainable tourism expert, publisher, and speaker with over a decade of experience connecting with and learning from over 500 leading professionals worldwide. He is the founder of both The Place Brand Observer and Sustainability Leaders United. Through his knowledge platforms, coaching, and advising, he helps organizations, destinations, and locations excel in these fields and become recognized as leaders in sustainability and place branding. Book Florian as a speaker for your event.
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