How Travel Bloggers and Influencers Shake Up Destination Marketing: Research Update

Do you know what a Vlogger is? Or how to work with online influencers? Those kind of questions have become very relevant for DMOs around the world. We caught up with Rachel Luna Peralta, Lecturer at the Institute for Tourism Studies in Macau, China, to find out more about her recent research on influencers, destination marketing and how vlogging promotes a destination image, results of which she published in the Journal of Place Branding and Public Diplomacy.

Rachel, which are the main insights from your research?

Travel bloggers and their respective vlogs play a key role in creating online destination image of a place. The four vlogs that I analyzed prove that vlogs help to effectively strengthen a perceived destination image of a place. Travel vlogs are representations of destination experiences which tourism agencies and boards can utilize in their promotional and marketing agenda.

Your advice to destination brand professionals, how to involve video bloggers and online influencers - do's and don'ts?


  • Tap popular travel vloggers, whether foreigners or local, because they have a large following and a captured market.
  • Emerging travel vloggers, including local ones, may also provide potential benefits as they start to create their personal brand.
  • Allow individual creativity in the use of text, music, and videography.
  • Consider creating and training a pool of vloggers who will do the same work as the popular ones.
  • Vlog about less known attractions.
  • Utilize all available social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram.

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The Editorial Team

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