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Place Branding Journal

Quo Vadis? Ioulia Elmatzoglou on Nation Branding and Brand EU

Ioulia Elmatzoglou shares her research insights into how nation branding practice is changing, and how it is used to support the image and brand of the European Union.

Sustainability as Place Brand Position: Research Insights from Thailand

Research update on sustainability as place brand position in urban Thailand, the importance of sustainability in place branding and the challenges.

How Travel Bloggers and Influencers Shake Up Destination Marketing: Research Update

How vloggers and online influencers are shaking up destination marketing practices, and the do's and don'ts DMOs should consider when working with travel bloggers. Rachel Luna Peralta of the Macau Institute for Tourism Studies shares her research findings.

Smart Cities and City Branding: How ICT Impacts Urban Development and Representation

Smart cities: how does ICT impact urban development and representatin (city branding)? Olga Kolotouchkina and Gildo Seisdedos share their research insights.

How Expos Can Serve as Opportunity for Citizen Involvement and Place Branding

Expos as opportunity for citizen involvement and place branding is the topic of research presented by Magdalena Florek and Marta Herezniak in the academic journal 'Place Branding & Public Diplomacy'. Summary Research findings and implications for Expo planners and city managers.

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