Interview with Ares Kalandides, Institute of Place Management

Place branding researchers know Ares Kalandides as founder of the International Place Branding conference series and managing director of INPOLIS economic development consultants in Berlin. In this interview, Ares tells us how it all started and his plans for the newly created place branding section at the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK.

Learn about:

  • The purpose of place branding, from an urban planning perspective;
  • The conceptual link between place development, place management and place branding;
  • How place branding can serve as an element of strategic place development;
  • How to measure the success of place branding projects;
  • How Berlin earned its brand image as 'poor but sexy'.

Ares, when and where did you first come across place branding?

I have been working as a consultant to the organization responsible for Place Branding in Berlin (Berlin Partners) since 1996. Although at the time it was called City Marketing, what we were doing was managing Berlin’s reputation – so Place Branding. At that time, the job consisted in supporting urban development and economic transition of the newly reunited city.

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