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Quo Vadis? Ioulia Elmatzoglou on Nation Branding and Brand EU

Ioulia Elmatzoglou shares her research insights into how nation branding practice is changing, and how it is used to support the image and brand of the European Union.

Destination Check: Current State of Tourism Sustainability in Greece

Dr. Ioannis Pappas reflects on the current state of tourism sustainability in Greece. He finds many good initiatives on a grassroots level but calls for more political commitment and management strategies at a country and destination level.

Antonios Giannopoulos on Destination Branding, Tourism and Innovation

Dr. Antonios Giannopoulos discusses the services industry, marketing strategy, and implementation within the context of tourism management.

Heather Skinner on Responsible Tourism, Corfu and Place Branding

Heather Skinner discusses responsible tourism, place branding, her work with the Institute of Place Management and the Academy of Marketing, and the way ahead for Corfu in Greece.

Manolis Psarros of Toposophy on Destination Marketing Trends and Opportunities

Manolis Psarros, Managing Director of destination marketing agency Toposophy in Greece, on destination branding trends, challenges and opportunities.

Ares Kalandides on Place Management and Urban Planning

INPOLIS CEO Ares Kalandides - director of the Institute of Place Management at MMU - on place branding, economic development and Berlin.
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