Interview with Fernando Prado on Place Brands and the Reputation of Cities and Countries

Fernando Prado is a well known person in the place brand environment, not least thanks to Reputation Institute's regular publications on City Brands (City RepTrak) and Country Brands (Country RepTrak). In this interview, Fernando Prado shares his professional story and how he got interested in the reputation of places.

Learn about:

  • The differences between the reputation of corporate brands and those of places;
  • The most important factors for cities to maintain a strong, positive reputation over time;
  • What reputation means in the place context;
  • The importance of (news/social) media coverage regarding people’s perceptions of places;
  • 3 books everyone in charge of managing city or country reputation should read.

Fernando, do you remember the first time you became aware of the reputation of places, such as cities or countries? What got you interested?

Since I started working in marketing in the early 90s, I have been always interested in place branding, but it was not until 1997 when I started working on a real project related to the topic. At that time, I had joined an advertising agency, and I was involved in a campaign for a tourist destination in the South of Spain.

However, the scope of that project was limited to attracting tourists. Then, in 2001 I was responsible for developing a brand strategy for a whole manufacturing sector, whose reputation was very much linked to the reputation of the country.

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The Editorial Team

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