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Latin America

Leonardo Nieto on Advancing Colombia’s Place Branding and Destination Management

Explore Leonardo Nieto's thoughts on Colombia's place branding and destination management: challenges, successes and trends.

Costa Rica Showcase

Costa Rica excels in place branding with a strong reputation for sustainability and innovation. Learn about its global brand strategy.

Adriana Acosta: Leading Costa Rica’s Country Branding Strategies

Meet Adriana Acosta, in charge of 'Essential Costa Rica,' driving the nation's image through strategic branding and market positioning.

Fabiana Mariutti on Brazil’s Place Brand Identity and Country Image

Fabiana Mariutti in this interview explores the multifaceted aspects of Brazil's complex place brand identity, image and country reputation.

Mexico City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Mexico City performance, brand image and reputation, according to international indices and studies on environmental performance, city brand value, economic development, sustainability, attractiveness and ease of doing business.
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