Interview with Gildo Seisdedos, Professor at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain

City marketing and city management are the focus of this short interview with Gildo Seisdedos, Professor at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, and a solicited advisor on smart city trends and challenges.

Learn about:

  • Why Gildo Seisdedos chose to focus his academic and consulting career on city marketing and urban management;
  • The concept of "Smart Cities", and the two mega-trends fueling it;
  • The importance of mega events, such as Olympic Games, for cities;
  • Latest trends in city marketing practice;
  • Madrid's sustainability challenge;
  • His thoughts on the image of Madrid and Spain.

Gildo, how did you get involved in urban planning and city marketing? What fascinates you about this topic?

I have a marketing background (academic and professional) and I was fascinated about the idea of applying marketing (and other management tools) to cities. Cities are such an interesting entity, as they represent us as human race.

How would you describe the concept of “smart cities”? Which cities are qualified to follow this model?

Smart city is the tag describing the impact of two megatrends: digital revolution and urbanization. The result are new spaces to live, new cities and new ways to manage them. Smart city has become the most popular tag concerning this reality, where mankind is deciding its true future.

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