Interview with Raquel Goulart Sztejnberg on Destination Branding and Place Brands in Brazil

Raquel Goulart Sztejnberg in this interview reflects on her work as brand strategy consultant in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and shares her thoughts on place branding trends and challenges.

Learn about:

  • The purpose of place branding;
  • What a good place brand strategy looks like;
  • Which consumer trends influence destination branding initiatives;
  • The key differences between branding products and places;
  • How place branding works differently in Latin America, compared to Europe, for instance;
  • Her thoughts on Brand Brazil.

Raquel, what does place branding mean for you?

Capitalizing the genius loci. Understanding the uniqueness of the place and how much relevancy it can build and deliver to its publics. The search for authenticity is a big challenge in corporate and product branding and it applies also to place branding.

Uniqueness and a genuine positioning highly impacts, in my opinion, the level of place attachment and therefore the sense of belonging towards a city/region/nation. It is not about the strategy itself, it is about how the strategy will positively impact people’s life.

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The Editorial Team

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