South Africa Country Performance, Nation Brand Strength and Reputation

South Africa: how well does Africa's southernmost country perform in international studies on economic competitiveness and environmental sustainability? Does the reputation of South Africa speak of progress in reducing poverty, overcoming its reputation as one of the world's most unequal countries? How well does its nation brand perform in comparison to other countries in the region? Answers in this summary of global reports, studies and rankings on country performance, brand strength and reputation.

Read about:

  • South Africa's business environment;
  • The digital performance of South Africa;
  • South Africa in indices of environmental and social sustainability;
  • Life quality and happiness in South Africa;
  • South Africa's contribution to global well-being and peace;
  • Reputation and performance of South Africa as nation brand.

Doing business in South Africa

How attractive is South Africa for starting a new business?

South Africa’s ranking as a place for doing business in the global context is not too strong –it positions 82nd in this year’s Ease of Doing Business study. Nevertheless, it holds a strong 5th position in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

According to this index, the most difficult aspects of doing business in South Africa are trading across borders (147th) and starting a new business (136th). However, the interests of minority investors are rather well assured (24th).

Compared to results in 2008, South Africa’s performance has deteriorated a fair deal, as its overall ranking was 35th a decade ago.

The negative tendency of South Africa’s performance in terms of economic competitiveness is also visible in the 2017-18 Global Competitiveness Index, where it currently ranks 61st out of the 137 countries included in the study. A decade ago it was positioned 45th.

In this index, South Africa’s poorest performing pillar is health and primary education (121st). It performs best in the categories of market size (30th) and business sophistication (37th).

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