South Africa

John Strelecky on How Finding Your True Purpose as City or Destination Will Lead to Success

John Strelecky shares how finding and focusing on their true purpose will help cities, regions or destinations succeed with attracting talent, investors or visitors.

South Africa Country Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

South Africa's economic performance, country brand and reputation, according to studies measuring economic development, livability, sustainability.

South Africa a Good Place to Live, Invest or Visit? Country Report

South Africa: how attractive for visitors, investors, talent? How does it approach country branding and destination marketing? How does it fare in global benchmarking studies? Find out in our special report.

Themba Khumalo on South Africa’s Destination Marketing Strategy and Response to the Corona Crisis

Themba Khumalo on South African Tourism's approach to destination marketing and how it addresses the coronavirus crisis.

Cape Town: City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Cape Town's attractiveness for investors, high potentials and visitors, according to international rankings and indices: its brand strength and reputation.
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