Why Switzerland? Country Report

When thinking about Switzerland, what comes to your mind? A question we asked on LinkedIn. “Chocolates, clocks and beautiful landscapes”, “stability and reliability” and “mountains, fresh air, nature and historical cities. Also expensive” is what we heard.

In this special report we introduce you to some of the country’s most innovative destinations and business regions, taking a look beyond established perceptions and stereotypes. Join us as we explore questions such as:

  • How attractive is Switzerland as a destination for high potentials, businesses, investors?
  • Which are the country’s strengths – and the opportunities waiting to be seized?
  • How does Switzerland approach country branding: what does it do to attract valuable visitors, businesses or talent?
  • How does Switzerland’s performance, its brand strength and reputation compare to other countries?

View from abroad: Switzerland in global rankings

How do international rankings and indices assess Switzerland’s performance as economy, democracy and place to live in? Read the summary and overview of rankings in our Switzerland country profile.

View from within

What do the Swiss think about their country’s potential for investors and talent? Find out in the following interviews with investment attraction and economic development experts.

Nicolas Bideau of Presence SwitzerlandNicolas Bideau on Switzerland as nation and country

Ambassador Nicolas Bideau, Head of Presence Switzerland shares his thoughts on Switzerland, its nation brand strengths and global reputation.

Patrik Wermelinger: Switzerland a good place for investors?

Patrik Wermelinger on how Switzerland Global Enterprise promotes the country as a vibrant hub for innovative businesses and what makes Switzerland so successful as innovation location.

Sonja Wollkopf-Walt: Greater Zurich Area

Sonja Wollkopf Walt on how the Greater Zurich Area attracts investors and why the leading European high-tech hub continues to appeal to talent.

Thomas Bohn: GGBa

Thomas Bohn illustrates the strengths of the Greater Geneva Bern area (Western Switzerland) as a favorable business location in the heart of Europe.

Thomas Kuebler: Baselland

What makes Baselland in Switzerland attractive as a business location? Thomas Kuebler on the region’s brand strengths and appeal as place to live and invest in.

Jerry Krattiger: Fribourg

Jerry Krattiger of Fribourg Development Agency explains why Fribourg is a world-class destination for business investment, and how it is expanding its focus on bioeconomy and Industry 4.0.

Urs Durrer: Schwyz

Schwyz is well-known in Switzerland and abroad as a tax friendly location to do business and invest in. But there is more to it, as Urs Durrer shares in this interview.

Karl Kobelt: City of Zug

Karl Kobelt, Mayor of Zug, shares why the small city in Switzerland is the perfect location for investors, entrepreneurs and talent.

With thanks to the participating locations for contributing to our Switzerland country report.

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