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What’s the Difference Between Branding, Image, Marketing, and Promotion?

What's the difference between the terms branding, image, promotion, and marketing? Our expert panel shares answers. Timely advice for place brand professionals.

7 Deadly Problems of Place Branding Projects: Lessons from Guadalajara

Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest city, recently launched its new brand, only to experience significant public backlash. Gunter Soydanbay offers seven reasons why the city branding project is likely to fail, and how it could be saved.

Graffiti, Place Brand Authenticity and Creative Placemaking

Is commissioning graffiti authentic? And how can it support city brands? Amelia Green examines graffiti from a place branding perspective, with examples from Manila and Australia.

Book Review of Places: Identity, Image and Reputation by Simon Anholt

Review of the book Places: Identity, Image and Reputation by Simon Anholt. Summary of key points and the author's view on place branding.

Thoughts on Country Brand India – National Image and Reputation

Nation branding expert Aparna Sharma shares her thoughts on the country brand India, its national image and reputation as manufacturer and service provider.

How to Brand a City Destination: Case Study Vienna, Austria

Bernhard Klein reflects on the destination branding of Vienna, Austria, and how existing brand image and preconceptions influenced Vienna's brand strategy.
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