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Development Counsellors International (DCI)

Development Counsellors International (DCI): North America's leaders in place branding and marketing since 1960, focusing on tourism and economic development.

David Ferreira on How Mississauga in Canada Approaches City Branding

Mississauga's city branding strategy is the focus of our interview with David Ferreira, the Brand Manager of Canada's sixth largest city. Learn about how they do it, and which challenges and trends city marketers face.

Todd Babiak on Meaningful Place Branding Through Storytelling

Todd Babiak of the Story Engine in this interview illustrates how storytelling can lead to meaningful and successful place branding, and how local communities can benefit from it by feeling more connected and empowered.

Chris Fair Speaker Profile

Chris Fair of Resonance Consultancy is available as keynote speaker and for workships and seminars. Details in this speaker profile.

Resonance Consultancy

Resonance Consultancy is a leading global advisor in real estate, tourism, and economic development. More about the company and its services here.

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