Vancouver City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Vancouver's city brand strength, reputation and urban performance, according to studies and rankings measuring livability, economic competitiveness, creativity and sustainability.

Canada Country Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Canada's country performance, nation brand value and reputation, according to studies on livability, economic competitiveness, sustainability, happiness.

Günter Soydanbay Speaker Profile

Günter Soydanbay speaker profile: keynotes and workshops on place branding, story-based communication, methods of persuasion, change management, stakeholder engagement and complexity.

Jeannette Hanna Speaker Profile

Jeannette Hanna speaker profile: keynotes, lectures, workshops on place branding (neighbourhoods, cities, regions), Business Improvement Districts, cultural marketing, event marketing and community engagement strategies; Brand strategy and design for complex environments.

Story Engine: Storytelling Specialists

Story Engine helps underestimated and misunderstood places build a central narrative, a master story, and to bring it to life with a coherent and consistent strategy that involves citizens as much as governments.

Soydanbay Consulting

Every place has a story. And every place has to tell a story. At Soydanbay Consulting we uncover the narrative of a place by...
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