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Current State of Place Branding Practice in Europe

Place branding practice in Europe: European place brand developers, managers and marketers share their thoughts on place branding approaches in Europe.

Jordi Xifra on Place Reputation, Public Diplomacy and Catalonia

Professor Jordi Xifra of Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, on place reputation, public relations research, nation building and the case of Catalonia.

Jaume Marín on the Destination Branding of Costa Brava and Pyrenees, Catalonia

Destination Costa Brava Marketing Director Jaume Marín tells us about the growing importance of digital influencers and bloggers in destination branding.

Jordi de San Eugenio Vela on Barcelona, City Branding and Public Diplomacy in Catalonia, Spain

Jordi de San Eugenio Vela of Universitat de Vic - University of Central Catalonia in this interview discusses city and nation branding, using the examples of Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain.

Branding a Stateless Nation: Public Diplomacy Strategy of Catalonia

How to represent and promote a stateless nation internationally? Case study on nation branding, cultural and public diplomacy strategy of Catalonia (Spain).

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