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How Covid-19 Will Change Place Branding Priorities for Cities and Countries

How the branding of cities and countries after Covid-19 will differ from before the pandemic: expert panel outlines new place branding priorities and strategies.

Destination Sustainability: How to Make Your Host Community Tourism-Friendly

How destination marketers and tourism managers can persuade their communities to welcome tourists again, after the coronavirus pandemic.

Destination Marketing: Which Pitfalls to Avoid When Promoting Tourism During the Pandemic

Which pitfalls destination marketers and managers should avoid when promoting tourism during the coronavirus pandemic.

Barcelona: The Catalonian Capital of Culture and Innovation

Barcelona: how attractive for visitors, investors, talent? How does it approach city branding and destination marketing? How does it fare in global benchmarking studies? Special report.

Destination Sustainability: How to Influence Visitor Behaviour and Encourage Responsible Travel

How destination managers and marketers can influence visitor behaviour and encourage responsible travel, as part of their effort to promote sustainable tourism and destination sustainability.

Peter Knapp on the Key to Success for Destination and Country Brands Post Covid-19

Peter Knapp, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at Landor, considers the key drivers for success as we enter a post-Covid experience of travel.
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