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Harry Kosato on the Reputation of Places, Country-of-Origin Brands and How He Is Bringing Japan to India

Harry Kosato in this interview discusses the reputation of places, country-of-origin brands and how he brought Japan to India.

Chris Brown on the Branding and Marketing of Liverpool City Region

Chris Brown in this interview shares his experience of branding and marketing Liverpool City Region - the day-to-day challenges of city branding, pitfalls to avoid and destination marketing trends to watch out for.

Julian Stubbs on City Branding of Liverpool, Stockholm, Place Marketing Challenges and Trends

Julian Stubbs discusses the maturing practice of place branding, the case of Stockholm, destination and city marketing trends, challenges and developments, and the Liverpool Place Branding event 2018.

Northamptonshire: Example of a County and Destination in Need of Strategic Place Brand Management

Shalini Bisani discusses the state of Northamptonshire, image and identity, and why the county needs a strategic approach to regional brand development and destination management.

How the Town of Shrewsbury (Re)Discovered Charles Darwin as City Branding Opportunity

Guest post by Aleks Vladimirov on how Shrewsbury in England (re)discovered Charles Darwin as city branding opportunity, and how it uses its credentials as birthplace of Darwin to bring new life to the town.

Nigel Morgan on Destination Brands, Brexit, and Sporting Events

Nigel Morgan in this interview shares his thoughts on destination brands, the United Kingdom, Wales and the importance of sporting events for places and their brands.
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