Book Review: The Place Economy – Placemaking by Andrew Hoyne

Read our review of The Place Economy, 2016 book by Australian Andrew Hoyne on effective, sustainable placemaking. Essential reading for place branding pros.

Public-Private Spaces: How Cafés Could Inspire Place Branding

Amelia Green explores how cafés, dancing the divide between private and public space, could inspire place branding in Australia and beyond.

The Beauty of the Less Significant — City Branding by Other Means

Christopher Hire calls for city branding which is playful, light and experimental. Learn from giants like Paris, or minnows in Japan.

Recap World Travel Market 2016 – Insights for Destination Professionals

The Place Brand Observer team reports from World Travel Market in London, November 2016, presenting key insights and trends, including overtourism.

Placemaking Week 2016: Could Place Branding Make Cities Happy?

Fresh from Placemaking Week 2016, Amelia Green examines the opportunities of public spaces, happy cities and active transportation for place branding.

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