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Placemaking Week 2016: Could Place Branding Make Cities Happy?

Fresh from Placemaking Week 2016, Amelia Green examines the opportunities of public spaces, happy cities and active transportation for place branding.

Graffiti, Place Brand Authenticity and Creative Placemaking

Is commissioning graffiti authentic? And how can it support city brands? Amelia Green examines graffiti from a place branding perspective, with examples from Manila and Australia.

Caio Esteves on Place Branding in Brazil and Latin America

Caio Esteves introduces us to place branding in Brazil and explains how his MBA program integrates different disciplines and approaches. He also reveals which place branding examples in Latin America inspire his work and why the brand and reputation of Brazil has not been able to benefit as much as it could from the nation's global exposure linked to the Soccer World Cup and the Olympic games.

How to Brand a New Housing Development: Case Study Hudson Woods, New York

Case study by NYC-based Studio Sanderson on how to brand a housing development and create a sense of place, example Hudson Woods, New York.

Jeff Finkle on Economic Development Practices in the USA

Jeff Finkle, President and CEO of the International Economic Development Council, on the economic development profession, challenges and trends.

Place Branding Case Study: Developing a Brand Strategy for London Bridge, UK

Case study on the brand development for the London Bridge neighborhood, by place branding strategy consultant Malcolm Allan and Place Marketing Manager Donald Campbell.
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