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Lisbon Economic Performance, City Brand Strength and Reputation

Lisbon: how attractive for investors, talent, businesses and visitors? Here an overview of latest rankings and studies on Lisbon's economic performance, its livability, sustainability, appeal for digital nomads, brand strength and reputation.

Portugal – Economic Performance, Sustainability, Country Brand Strength and Reputation

Portugal - its appeal for talent and investors, economic and sustainability performance, country brand strength and reputation, according to international rankings and indices.

Algarve: Destination Strengths, Challenges and Opportunities

Algarve destination report: tourism strengths, challenges and opportunities. A snapshot of sustainability performance in Portugal's southernmost region.

Joao Ministro on Algarve Regional Development, Branding and Sustainability

Joao Ministro in this interview tells us about the rural development of the Algarve, the current state of its sustainability as destination, and what needs to be done to keep it attractive and competitive as place to live - especially the rural, inland areas.

Current State of Place Branding Practice in Europe

Place branding practice in Europe: European place brand developers, managers and marketers share their thoughts on place branding approaches in Europe.

Joao Freire on Place Branding Practices in Portugal and the Middle East

Joao Freire in this interview shares his thoughts on place branding and marketing in Portugal, Africa and the Middle East.
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